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Our competent team can handle a variety of medical conditions.

doctor and patient talkingWith the expertise of our healthcare professionals in various fields, Affordable Health Care & Chiropractic can help diagnose and treat various medical conditions including the following:

  • WhiplashA common neck injury that typically results from a vehicular accident or car collision
  • Neck PainMay result from strain or injury due to the neck’s flexibility and function
  • Back PainA leading physical complaint in adults and can lead to debilitating effects, affecting one’s quality of life
  • Auto AccidentTypically leads to painful and disruptive injuries
  • Therapeutic MassageProvides deep relief from pain and promotes healing and relaxation
  • Workplace InjuryHelping patients deal with the care processes involved in workplace injury

Our healthcare professionals, chiropractors, and therapists are skilled in creating and implementing the right treatment plan for patients in accordance with their medical conditions and health needs.

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